The Cyprus based Spiced Ham Group offers high-quality SEO, CRO and webvertising services featuring brands like or

Our experienced crew also runs several successful passion driven affiliate projects that allow us to profit from first hand case studies – we have to deliver or we do not earn. This is what renders our services uniquely valuable for our customers.

Since start of operations we brought up several successful brands. Once established as an autonomous entity – with a team, sturdy processes and a solid positive balance sheet – within the Spiced Ham Group we set them up as spin off companies. So far two of these new businesses have successfully been incorporated: supplies our German audience with high quality outreach links. The fully automated software lets you choose from thousands of up to date, well looked after websites with real traffic and strong metrics – 24/7 available, 100% transparent, cost-effective. For bloggers, for agencys & resellers, for everyone, for You. is our full-service SEO agency. It handles our customers as well as bulk orders or large-scale campaigns in terms of link building. From time to time we hand pick individual iquiries regarding on-page optimization or the conceptual design and execution of whole websites (affiliate, corporate, local SEO or authority sites).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been our strong foundation throughout the last decade, our reenergizing source of first hand knowledge and also our main bringer of cash flow. During that period we built hunderets of websites, flipped them over or ran them longterm ourselves.

Update: Lately we freed some spots in our schedule to help selected customers built up their own affiliate business or satellite projects to market a brand. The plan is to find out if this way of using our SEO and affiliate expertise is fun as well as profitable – if this is going to be the case we will definitely scale this project. So do not hesitate, contact our staff and apply for a spot in this program.

our services

Marketing Your Product

This is what we do best: We drive traffic to your product and make it convert – either as an affiliate or as a service for your websites.

Mentoring & Coaching

Want to start an affiliate business yourself or bring your existing processes to the next level? Our experts are ready to share their knowledge with you.


We help you to flip your project – either by finding a buyer or by buying ourselves. We also invest to exchange a certain percentage of your revenue for our guidance.